Grayson Allen gets called a "bitch" to his face and laughs it off

I'll be honest I've always hated Grayson Allen. Not only because of his smug face but if you play for Duke I pretty much have to not like you. Throw on top of it all the tantrums Grayson had while at Duke and the intentional dirty tripping he routinely pulled off without recourse from Coach K and you can understand my hatred for him. But even with my black heart for Grayson there is no way I could pull this shit in front of him. To call someone a "bitch" right in front of their face is so disrespectful it's diabolical.

TotalProSports had a good summary of the incident..

"It’s just a matter of time before an NBA player has a fight with a fan again.

On Wednesday night, the Memphis Grizzlies walked out of Spectrum Center with a 119-117 victory over the Charlotte Hornets, but not without some controversy.

Grayson Allen, who didn’t dress for the game, was making his way off the court and into the locker room when a fan pulled out his phone and told him to his face that he was a “bitch.”

And you know what he's right.  It's just a matter of time before a fight breaks out.  Grayson is too big of a pussy to throw haymakers but imagine if someone says that to Draymond Green or Russell Westbrook.  I would expect the fan to not only get a black eye and a few teeth knocked loose but I would also expect for fans to cheer on the player.  You call someone a "bitch" you should expect a fight and nothing else.

Now if you want to call Lebron James a "commie lying libtard bitch" I would have no problem with it and would expect the masses to cheer because that is exactly what he is.

And that is talking NBA.


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