Falcons 1st Round Pick Takkarist McKinley Gets Emotional and Drops a F-Bomb on Live TV

When this happened live last night I cringed when UCLA LB/DE Takkarist McKinley dropped the "god damns" and "fucking" words on live television after being picked by the Atlanta Falcons.  But after watching it a few times I'm getting goose bumps about the kid because of the energy and passion he brings.  Can you imagine how hyped up Takk is in the locker room?  Takk would run through a wall "to get to the damn quarterback" and I believe that.  He's the perfect compliment to NFL sack leader Vic Beasley on the other side and the Falcons under Dan Quinn are building a young defense for the ages after nailing all their defensive picks the last two years.

Check out Quinn's reaction after he gets off the phone with Takk...


Quinn's fist pump tells me all I need to know.  The Falcons just got a guy who has a lot of dog in him and will do everything to get to the quarterback.

My Grade: A+

PS - Also I gotta do a "Fine Me Later, Man!" shirt.


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