ESPN's College Football "Chills" 2019 Video Montage will have you ready to run through a wall


If this college football montage released by ESPN today doesn't have you giddy with excitement for the upcoming season then you are already dead inside.

I'm excited to see if anybody can unseat Dabo and Lord Trevor Lawrence from the championship pedestal.

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 The odds on favorite to meet Clemson again in the playoffs has to be Alabama with Tua back to win a Natty and a possible Heisman Trophy.

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But you can't count out Jake Fromm and the UGA Bulldogs from knocking off Bama in the SEC Championship or playoffs if they can finally finish the drill.

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Notre Dame will be looking to get back to the playoffs and seek their revenge vs Clemson if they can beat UGA in the regular season.  With Ian Book back at QB you might wanna just go ahead and Book It.

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And don't you dare forget about Oklahoma who will be looking to make their 3rd playoff appearance in a row with a transfer QB leading the charge in former Bama QB Jalen Hurts behind center.

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