"Contact Tracing" claims another "victim" as ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit will no longer travel to announce this week's Miami vs FSU game

What in the actual fuck are we doing now with Covid and this bull shit "contact tracing" now?
Notre Dame Football earlier this week had to shut things down and postpone their game vs Wake Forest because players who tested negative for Covid might have come in contact with somebody who tested positive for it. This shit is getting beyond ridiculous and now we have Herbie here cancelling his travel plans because he tested negative twice since maybe coming into contact with somebody who tested positive.  What?  What the fuck are we doing with these goal posts that constantly move for Covid?

Honestly I'm kinda surprised Herbie didn't come out and say he couldn't announce because of the Breonna Taylor decision.  I don't know exactly what's happened to Herbie but it's getting clear ESPN and this whole woke movement is ruining a once great man.  Get better Herbie.  We miss you.

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