College Football 2019 Win Totals looks like easy money

Betonline released their 2019 college football win totals and at first glance this looks like money in the bank.  Who am I to turn down free cash so I'll give you some of my picks for FREE!  Remember the win totals is just for the regular season (12 games) and has nothing to do with conference title games or bowl games.  Tap that keg after these winners!

Alabama: 11 - Bet the over.  At worst you push with Bama maybe losing one regular season game at Texas A&M.  This is Bama and they are 99.9% going to the playoffs again this year with Tua back to claim his Heisman and Saban roaming the sidelines.

Clemson: 11 - Again bet the over.  Lord Trevor is back along with all his weapons on offense and play a watered down ACC schedule.  Dabo will have this team back in the playoffs AGAIN.

Georgia: 10.5 - My first under bet.  Sorry Dawgs.  They lost both coordinators, a ton of early NFL entrees and a few surprising transfers.  Jake Fromm is back and should be a legit Heisman contender but their defense isn't top 10 worthy and it will cost them at least 3 games.

Oklahoma: 10.5 - I feel like a fool betting against Lincoln Riley and new QB Jalen Hurts  considering their track records but with the emergence of Texas I think it's time for the Longhorns to win the Big 12.  I'm going under with 10 wins.

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Ohio State: 10 - This feels like a push with the Buckeyes breaking in a new coach and a new QB in Justin Fields.  I got the feeling Coach Day will prove me wrong.

Washington: 10 - Another push here.  New QB Jacob Eason didn't impress me in Athens so I'm not expecting him to be a world beater for the Huskies.

UCF: 10 - Gotta ride the UCF train here and take the over.  While the schedule is more difficult this season with out of conference games slated vs Stanford and Pitt you can't overlook who they got back while riding back-to-back undefeated regular seasons.

Notre Dame: 9.5 - OVER.  Easy.  Vegas just wants to give you free money here I guess.  ND is loaded with depth and talent returning plus the schedule sets up nicely.  Just Book It!

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Texas: 9.5 - Over.  I got Texas winning the Big 12 this season.  They beat the shit out of UGA in the Sugar Bowl and they know how to beat Oklahoma.  Yes, Texas is back.

Oregon: 9.5 - Under.  I still can't get over how bad the Ducks looked vs Sparty in their bowl game.  It was one of the most embarrassing games I've ever watched.  Justin Herbert is either extremely overrated or just had an off day for the ages.

Michigan: 9.5 - Under.  Notre Dame and Ohio State are losses for sure and you know they will slip up to either one of Wisconsin, Iowa, Sparty or Penn State.

LSU: 9 - Under.  Texas and Alabama road games look like automatic losses and the Bayou Bengals will slip up at least twice to either Florida, Auburn, and Texas A&M.

Florida: 9 - Over.  The Gators are due.  It wouldn't surprise me to see them win the SEC East this season the way they finished 2018.

Boise State: 8.5 - Over.  I don't even need to look at the schedule.  The Broncos are always good for 10 regular season wins.

Penn State: 8.5 - Over.  Expectations are down in Happy Valley after losing 4 games last season but I think it plays in their favor.  Half the schedule is sure fire W's which just means they need to go 3-3 on the other half.

Washington State: 8.5 - Over.  I'll never bet against the Pirate Mike Leach.  Never.

Wisconsin: 8.5 - Under.  Probably gonna start a true freshman this season at QB in Graham Mertz which should experience some growing pains.

USC: 8.5 - Under.  USC is a dumpster fire.  They can't even get celebrity kids into school without getting arrested by the FBI.


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Miami: 8.5 - Under.  Just too many question marks for the Canes right now with a new coach and a lot of transfers coming in.

Utah: 8.5 -  Over.  The Utes got their typical 9 wins in them again this season and could win the PAC-12.

Mississippi State: 8 - Push.  There's nothing special or bad about this team.  Solid 8 win season.

Auburn: 8 - Under.  The Tigers have a murderous schedule which includes Oregon, TAMU, MS State, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and LSU.

Nebraska: 8 - Push.  I'll be honest I wanna take the over here because I think Scott Frost is the real deal and he has his QB in Adrian Martinez.  BUT they only won 4 games last year so doubling the win total is a hell of an accomplishment.

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Florida State: 7.5 - Under.  Willie Taggart should have been fired the day he was hired.  He's stealing money.

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Tennessee: 7 - Under.  It was decades ago but I can actually remember when the Vols used to be good.  That was like 20 something years ago.  Crazy.

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