Atlanta Braves closer Mark Melancon is ready to bring the energy and might murder every single Cardinals member and fan with this classic Twitter post

Look at those fucking eyes. They are as black as death.

My God what a psycho! Mark Melancon has rooms full of lamps made of human skin waiting for him tonight. He needs us all to bring the energy so he can take the Cardinals soul and shove it down Yadi's neck tattoo throat.  This is exactly what I want to see out of my closer before a huge game 5 tonight.

Braves by 100.  The King Acuna is gonna hit 3 bombs while throat-slashing the shit out of Neck Tat and flipping his bat to the Cardinals bullpen for that fairy who likes to blow kisses to the opposition.  The Cardinals organization might actually die tonight. 

Also it would be nice if the middle of the order would actually get some hits tonight for the Bravos.  Freddie, JD, Kakes, McCann would you please wake the fuck up and contribute?  You can't expect the King, Ozzie and Dansby to carry the whole offense.


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