The NHL's new Seattle franchise names their arena: Climate Pledge Arena

The new Seattle NHL franchise still doesn't have an actual team name but they have a name for their brand new playing facilities: Climate Pledge Arena.

As part of the agreement with Amazon, OVG and NHL Seattle will make annual contributions to Amazon's The Climate Pledge initiative to motivate companies to reach zero-carbon emissions across all businesses by 2040 or 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement was signed by 195 nations in 2016. The three parties will form a climate advisory committee to encourage and monitor continuous improvement of best practices, while also organizing annual sustainability events at the new arena.  

"Seattle is a place that values our incredible outdoor resources in the Pacific Northwest," said Tod Leiweke, CEO of NHL Seattle. "Right here in our hometown, a company made a challenge, and it was The Climate Pledge. Could we by 2040 change the world and dramatically reduce its carbon footprint? We're so proud to step forward with other leaders to say, yes we can."

I know what you are thinking and yes I completely agree with you.  Thank God they made an arena dedicated to climate change or else it would be under water within 10 years.  Not only is Amazon saving the world with the help of the Paris Agreement and Seattle but they are strictly in it for climate change. 

Don't even think Amazon is a for profit business solely looking to get your money into their hands.  They wanna save the world one giant arena at a time.  Just ignore Jeff Bezos and Amazon putting forth their carbon footprint pledge a few years ago to shrink it when in fact it still grows every day despite being a trillion dollar corporation.  We will also ignore Bezos 29,000 square foot house and his 8,000 square foot house.  It may seem excessive for one guy but you can't put a price on chopping down a bunch of trees to build those palaces.  

Also we should probably ignore Bezos $400 million dollar yacht for himself.  I doubt there is much of a carbon footprint if any with it. 

As you can see Amazon and the city of Seattle are all about making the world a better place one arena at a time.  I'm sure there were no tax funded kickbacks for the climate friendly arena.  Nope.

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