Notre Dame ICON Video vs USC

Brian Kelly and Notre Dame has now won 3 straight vs USC. Kelly is 7-3 vs their biggest rival and ND is now 26-4 in their last 30 games. It's the best 30 game stretch since the early 90's when Rick Mirer was slinging the rock for the Fighting Irish.

Speaking of Mirer Ian Book became the first ND QB to beat USC in back-to-back years since Mirer.  

Tony Jones Jr. rushed for 173 yards while the ND team rushed for over 300 in the game.

The Fighting Irish reach the midseason part of the season at 5-1 with a #8 ranking in both the College Coaches and AP poll.  They are the highest ranked one-loss team in the country and will get a bye week before facing off against rival Michigan in Ann Arbor next week.

With 8 weeks left till the college football playoff committee selects their 4 teams it's gonna take some upsets for Notre Dame to climb the ladder and get back-to-back playoff appearances.  I'm fairly confident if ND finishes 11-1 they will make the playoffs again.

And oh yeah FUSC.  Suck our dicks Trojans.

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