Marena Reusable Antibacterial Face Mask (10 PACK)

MADE IN THE USA (Lawrenceville, GA)

These Marena washable, reusable fabric face mask with SilvadurTM antibacterial protection to guard face, nose and mouth against respiratory droplets and splashes.
• Provides a physical barrier protection against larger respiratory droplets, germ particles, and splashes for the user and the surroundings. While this mask will provide some protection against, it will not act as a barrier against smaller respiratory droplets or germ particles.
• SilvadurTM antibacterial protection, with the elemental power of silver, is integrated into the fabric.
• Washable multiple times without losing effectiveness, even at high temperatures – ≥160°F (≥71°C).
• May be steam cleaned at temperatures between 212°F (100°C) and 270°F (132°C).
• Ironing is permitted at temperatures up to 365°F (185°C).
• Soft, skin-friendly TriFlexTM fabric with 3D Stretch for optimal comfort. The clean-finished, soft edge under the eyes does not leave an imprint on the skin surface.
• Lightweight, one-piece design covers the nose and mouth, with comfortable ear straps to ensure the mask stays in place.
• Good airflow and breathability.
• Can be worn on its own or over a respirator
• One size fits all

This product is authorized for sale under an FDA Emergency Use Authorization (dated April 18, 2020). Specifically, this product is authorized for sale as a Non-Surgical Face Mask (Class I medical device) to be used by the general public and/or by Health Care Professionals in a healthcare setting, as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This product is non-sterile and has not been tested to N95 or other standards for particulate filtration, liquid barrier protection, resistance to high intensity heat source / flammable gas, or infection prevention. It is not intended to be used as a respirator or in such clinical setting where the risk level of infection through fluids or inhalation exposure is high. This mask has not been tested for effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus. Each mask is intended for use by one person only and must not be shared. See instructions for use and cleaning, provided separately.

    $ 110.00

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